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What is Intellioil?

Intellioil is a web based oil analysis host. Oil analysis results are imported to your database allowing for easy management of data and equipment.

What does 'Online' mean?

'Online' effectively means that the system is accessible from any internet connection anywhere in the world.

How easy is it to use?

The core Intellioil system is easy to use. A simple introduction to the navigation is usually sufficient, however training can be provided for multiple user introductions or the advanced features.

How secure it is my data?

Safe, secure and managed. Your Intellioil database is securely stored on servers backed up daily. Snapshots are taken so a database can be restored to an older version if necessary.

What are the pricing options?

Prices are based on an assessment of the scale of the database build - Number of assets, components and volume of historical data. Please contact Monition for further details. There is an additional charge for an upgrade of the core program to the advanced. Effectively this activates the Task manager and planning function.

Do I have to use Monition for oil analysis?

No. The Intellioil software is independent of the Monition oil laboratory and has been built as a standalone product.

Can I use multiple labs?

Yes. The import schemas in Intellioil allow for configuration of various lab data files. As long as the lab can export in CSV in a horizontal format and the correct schema is selected when importing data it does not matter where the data comes from.

I like the idea of it being Internet based but what happens if the internet connection is down?

The software does rely on the site having a stable and reasonably quick internet connection. Typically we ask for 2MB which is almost universally available. If you have temporary problems with your internet connection for any reason then our support team will supply you with any of your sites data via telephone, fax or email until you can rectify your connection problems.

Does the software require each user to logon?

Monition can configure as many accounts as you need. You can create individual users for all your staff or you could have a much simpler system with a high level user for the administrator and another with read only for the staff. Each would have their own restrictions in terms of the operation they can perform.

I want full control of my Intellioil database, from building assets to inputting alarms. Is this possible?

This is possible. Full administrator right can be assigned for the site which will allow activation of all configuration functions. Please contact Monition for further details.

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