Why Choose Intellioil?

Intellioil Software

Traditional Analysis Methods

Accessible from any computer with an internet connection anywhere in the world.

Only available on one computer

One data source that is accesible by everybody.

Different versions of your data regularly exist on different computers.

You're never alone – get the benefits of online support and product training.

Once you buy the software, you're on your own.

Only receive exception reports if required or print reports on demand.

I am receiving hundreds of pdf emails which I cannot archive efficiently.

Users require training on site navigation and applications. Depending on the level of training you want, this could be 20minutes to half a day.

Complex user interface that requires significant training.

The system can be used in any location. Ideal for multi-site requirements.

Restricted to a single location. Problematic if assets need managing across locations.

Utilising customer feedback, where possible, improvements are incorporated into new releases.

Multi-year product cycles mean little innovation.

No software administration required.

Administration and installation of any upgrades needs to be done by an expert.

Intellioil can be tailored so that modules can be switched on or off, allowing you to have the software to match your requirements and budget

The full version of Intellioil is too much.

Safe, secure and managed. Your Intellioil database is securely stored on servers backed up daily. Snapshots are taken so a database can be restored to an older version if necessary.

Computer and its data can be lost, stolen or erased. Manual backups are the responsibility of the customer.

All software updates and new features are automatically applied and available next time you log in.

Infrequent and complex upgrades, often mandatory to receive support.

No setup costs, accessible from any computer that has the latest version of an Internet browser (IE8, Mozilla Firefox).

Setup costs for dedicated computers to meet software requirements.

Unlimited users. No extra charge for sharing your information –control who has access and to what level.

Potential additional license costs for every additional user or computer that has the software installed.

Further Information

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